403 forbidden error when installed using Docker

I installed NextCloudPi into a Digital Ocean droplet (Ubuntu 20) using Docker. The container starts successfully but when I try to access it I get “Forbidden”. I used the IP of the server for the DOMAIN parameter. I think I followed the instructions properly, but did I miss something?

The container logs show:

System config value trusted_domains => 6 set to string

I opened HTTP and HTTPS access through the firewall in my droplet.


I’m interested by this subject, I have the same problem. Do you find any solution ?

I didn’t, sorry.

I encountered the same problem when installing nextcloud using the official basic docker-compose file provided.
I solved the problem with the following command.

Stop and remove all your nextcloud containers.

# with docker-compose
docker-compose stop
docker-compose rm

# if without docker-compose
docker ps
docker stop nextcloud
docker stop mariadb
docker rm nextcloud
docker rm mariadb

Then try deleting your docker volume and restarting docker compose.

docker volume ls
docker volume rm docker_db
docker volume rm docker_nextcloud

Restart docker-compose

docker-compose up -d

Btw, add sudo if necessary