400 expected filesize exception

Hey guys,

I’m using NC 10. I’m seeing mentioned exception in my logfile.

Here the complete exception:

Thanks for helping!

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Hey guys,

is no one here to help me? Getting this error solved so that my cloud is running without any probs?
It would be very nice!!! :wink:

And sorry for bumping!


Have you found a solution for this issue?


Hi petre2dor,

no sorry! I would appreciate it if you find a solution please let me know.

Hi. I’ve got the same problem. I think it’s a buffering problem for large files.
I have the versions app, and for “large” files ( say more than 10 mo … ) I do have on the file system different files in the “versions directory” but on my web site I see “no version for this file” . And in nexcloud.log I have this kind of errors 400 .
The strange thing is that I can read my file and it’s ok …

Sorry for my poor english, I’m french . If anyone find a way to resolve it, it would be great !
Thank you in advance

Can you share a bit more information about your setup. Except for the logfiles, as well the kind of platform you are using, external storages, security modules (mod_security), OS, …

There is also a FAQ with a number of possible problems in your configuration: