$40 bounty on resolving my issue

Hey. I made a topic a while back but got no reply. So I’m placing a $40 bounty on it for anyone who can provide new info that will lead to resolving it.

You mentioned in that post you were going to remove the proxy and see if that made an improvement. Did you ever try that? I would suggest also possibly swapping it out for an Apache reverse proxy.

I haven’t done it yet. I got a number of other things relying on the reverse proxy so I need to directly add the config into it somehow and change the nextcloud container to one that doesn’t use a web server. I’m working on it. I’ll post the results on that. If that doesn’t work, I might look into apache as a reverse proxy. Thanks.


in your first topic, you wrote :

From one of my users:
“It took 1.5 hours to download a video from the cloud and 6 minutes to upload to Youtube”

That is probably the problem…

When a user --download-- something from your server, see it instead as your server --uploading-- that file to the client. Most Internet pipes are asymetric, that is they have different speed between upload and download.

So from an IP behind the same Internet pipe as your server, do a few Internet speed test. For your server to be responsive, you need fast upload. You probably would benefit from more upload than download.

The difference with SCP is only a factor of 2 - 3 instead of 15. Are you doing server-side encryption with Nextcloud ? That can be another factor.

Finally, until you do your own work and debug by removing your proxy, we can not do much more… As a proxy here, I rely on my pfSense firewall and its HAProxy package.

Hey. I’m still trying to remove the proxying but I’m getting 404 file not found. I posted more details in the original thread.