4 calendars in separate View?

Hi Nextcloud people,
i am on the way changing from own to nextcloud.
As i see the calendar app offers more options: Nice!

Maybe someone here can help me with this:?
I wanna have 4 calendars next to another (like screenshot from oulook)

Is there a way doing that !without! having 4 Tabs/Windows from Firefox open?

No that’s impossible.

Sync your nextcloud calendars to outlook and use the view there?

Thanks for the idea. But Outlook for Mac doesnt support caldav.

Do you think, if i hire an freelancer he could do that in about 10 oder 20 Hours?

macOS has pretty decent native CalDAV support. You could use the built in calendar app. As far as I know, it cannot display multiple calendars side by side. However, it can display the entries from all or from selected calendars together in a single view.

Its as you told: No side by side.
Is i allowed to chenge the code of the contacts App?

Hi Stefanie24,

I have not seen the possibility to arrange calenders like that but for the suggestion to snyc to Outlook and use the arrangement there you can use:


I use this addon myself and it works quite well.

But not for Mac. @ Windows i still use this