3D Animation about Owncloud (Nextcloud)

Have you seen the great animation done by flasheasy (or at least sold by them/him/her).

It was done about owncloud (before nextcloud) but could easily be adopted to nextcloud. Would be nice to licence it (33$) make the background the nextcloud blue and change the logo from owncloud to nextcloud.

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Hahaha, it feels so out of place, when they reveal owncloud. From an identity perspective it would take a little more than colors to make it fit. It is the dramaturgy, the whole funny, cartoonish style that contradicts the nextcloud brand. Am i wrong @jan ?

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Fully agree with this. Funny 3D characters are just neither timeless nor serious.

Also with 1:50 it just drags on for a very long time. Half would be maximum for stuff like that.

Just FYI @jospoortvliet (also does Paulo have an account here?)

About timing it is a set of scene/motions etc. that can be used for App-Promotion. My main reason for posting it here was to point it out to the forum. I found this the other day and had to smile that somebody actually used the project to make his explainer template.

@jan About branding, I get that the world is moving to flat world and 3D isn’t serious. Was just saying this is ready to be rearranged/retimed/rebranded and was made for the product (in a sense). My suggestion wasn’t to make it the new brand design but it could be used as a hoax, in a conference or some other setting/situation.

@jan, @jospoortvliet at least it doesn’t look like a Pen*s with balls [Stichwort: nextcloud conference Plakat :wink: ]

hastag findoftheweek

It has nothing to do with flat design vs 3D. :slight_smile: It’s that the character design of that figure itself is just not really aligned with our identity.

What is much nicer is a clip with actual people using the app. That feels way more personal and alive. Similarly to the pictures we use on our pages:

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Just out of curiosity: Is that a virtual machine with Windows 10 on an iMac running a fusion window with Firefox Chrome on Ubuntu? Or someone just photoshopped a stock photo? :joy:

The images are quite convincing, but are those actually real users?

Not sure what happened there :wink: cc @jospoortvliet do you know?

gimped stock photo.

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Glad that we could clear that @jospoortvliet :smiley:
Couldn’t it be nice to shoot some real (non-stock, but professional) photos during the next conference and use them for the website :slight_smile: :nerd: :camera_with_flash: ?

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Totally agreed :wink:

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Yes, I thought about this as well… We have to start this up! If we want to have quality photos (maybe even some videos), there should be some planning beforehand.

Further I think it would be super cool to do some user research with nextcloud users/contractors and then make some photos there as well! @jan :wink: