2FA with Nitrokey 2 Storage and Nitrokey Fido 2 on Nextcloud

As I have no clue whether it is a issue with nitrokey, nextcloud or the host of my nextcloud, I post this topic in Nitrokey and Nextcloud forum.
I own a Nitrokey Storage 2 and a Nitrokey Fido 2.
At the moment I work with both on an experimental stage, trying to find out, what is the best solution enhancing my login security.
In general both sticks are capable for 2FA, but I fail to make 2FA on my two Nextclouds with Fido 2 stick. One nextcloud is V.27 hosted on a IONOS webspace, the second is a IONOS managed Nextcloud V.26.

I will point out what is working and what isn’t.

  • 2FA with Nitrokey Storage 2 is working on my Nextcloud according to instruction as follows:
    Two-factor Authentication for Nextcloud accounts - Nitrokey Documentation

  • 2FA with Nitrokey Fido 2 is working in Nitrokey Forum and Nextcloud Forum as well. I log in with username and password and then I press the button on the stick for final access. Even the simulation of a lost or broken key and log in with backup passwords is working.

  • WebAuthn access without password (only button) is working, but this is a one factor solution.

  • Not working is 2FA with Fido 2 on the Nextclouds itself. I miss the possibility to setup the stick. In both of my Nextclouds V.26 and V.27 I have the following dialog:

Whereas in an instruction video I saw a different dialog to set up a U2F device.

Any ideas in this forum why?

Michael Schieder

According to the product comparison table on the Nitrokey website, the Storage 2 is not FIDO2/U2F capable, only the Nitrokey 3 and the Nitrokey FIDO2 are: Nitrokeys | Nitrokey

@bb77, thank you for your reply.
I know that both keys have different features, but this is not the point.
My Nitro Storage can make 2FA with OTP and my Nitro Fido 2 can make 2FA with U2F in Nitro and Nextcloud Forum but not in my Nextclouds themselves.

Meanwhile I found out by myself why the Nitrokey Fido2 does not work in 2FA.

The Nextcloud App “Two-Factor WebAuthn” must be installed.


Two-Factor WebAuthn - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

The Nextcloud App Store - Upload your apps and install new apps onto your Nextcloud

Unfortunately the App is not available in the Appstore of IONOS managed Nextcloud - at least for the moment.