2FA in Password-App

Is it possible to use/save 2-Factor-Code authentication with the App?

I misunderstood the question. If you want to store 2FA tokens in Nextcloud, try the OTP Manager - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud app

Yes, i want store 2FA tokens in password-app. Now we use Keeper and Keeper can handle 2FA tokens…

I Agree with JochenH. We use PassPortal, which also stores 2fa tokens with the rest of the credentials and it is so much easier than using yet another plugin. Besides, The OTP Manager app is useless if you don’t know the technicalities of the token you’re storing.

Having said that - for the last week I have been replacing my Nextcloud server and reinstalling on new hardware with the latest Nextcloud version and I swear I tested a password function or plugin that did allow for mfa tokens to be stored with credentials. Now for the life of me I cannot find it.

Allowing to store mfa tokens along with credentials will make this password app a killer app.

…and also defeats the purpose of 2FA at least to some extent.

And of course you would still need to store at least one 2FA secret in a separate app (or use another 2FA method), which would be the one for your password manager, which in this case would be your Nextcloud account. :wink:

Oh, that it does most definitely. That however does not invalidate that password managers that do store tokens will be more popular than those which do not.

If security were a popularity contest, people would still use their birthday and their dog’s name as passwords :wink:

I fully agree :smiley:

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