2FA: How to add iphone


I have enabled 2FA to log in into my Nextcloud.
Got a new iPhone and want to set up the 2FA on this device? How to proceeed without loosing the numerous individual app passwords I already created.


There is not a simple answer… all depends on your mobile device…

In my case, using oxygeneos on a oneplus 8 pro, i had to go to every and each service using 2FA, deleting/creating new hand check every times…

I think there is a misunderstanding. I do not want to change all app passwords, I simply want to change the 2FA key to login into my Nextcloud.

Can`t imagine that it is needed to change all app passwords for that, too. That would be ridiculous.

Should be perfectly fine. Try setting it up on your iphone.

Which 2fa app? There are multiple.

Will need more info to offer more advice.

Those should all work. You would need to manually revoke them from your top right user / security menu.

No idea what you mean. You are setting up 2fa, yes? That is setting up, not “changing”.

Consider reading the documentation for whatever 2fa you are trying to setup on your iphone. It should be very simple and clear to follow. You’ll need to clarify what app you are referring to for more assistance.

Two-Factor TOTP Provider and I simply want to add it on the new phone to Login
It is misleading: The option use 2FA is already enabled. You have to uncheck it and then you can set it up again.

Yep, i misunderstood the question…