2FA based on source IP

Is it possible to activate two factor authentication based on the source IP of the user device?

E.g. request 2FA when the user comes from a random IP on the internet and request only username and password when the user comes from an IP inside the office LAN?


There is already a feature request on github:

Thanks for the info!! Hopefully this will make it’s way into a new feature ! :slight_smile:

It’s a very old topic. And they have doubt about putting it in the core, perhaps in a separate app. But check out the discussion there.

yeah… unfortunately no progress for some month. I think that an ip based whitelisting would be a nice feature. There seem to be lot’s of feature request for basically the same idea that have been merged into the thread, so I guess there are others as well that would appreciate the feature.
We’ll see :slight_smile: