2FA, App-Passwords and Nextcloud-Updates

Hello Nextcloud community,

I am using a Docker image with nextcloud-aio. I have activated 2FA. For various MacOS/iOS devices, calendar data (CalDAV) and contacts (CardDAV) of the Nexcloud instance are synchronized. Due to the activated two-factor authentication, I cannot use my normal password for CalDAV/CardDAV of the MacOS/iOS clients, but have to use App-Passwords created in the web interface.

After updating the Docker containers, however, the App-Passwords no longer seem to be valid, as all MacOS/iOS devices ask for the access data for CalDAV/CardDAV. However, I can no longer display the App-Passwords in the web interface, but would now have to create new App-Passwords for all devices and enter them there.

I have the following questions:

  1. is this an intended or expected behavior of App-Passwords?

  2. if 1. yes: is there a way to ensure that the App-Passwords remain valid during updates and that I do not have to create and enter new App-Passwords for all end devices?

Thank you very much!


(translated from German with deepl)

Hello @ws.sideshow ,

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No, it is not intended. App passwords should remain functional after any update.
I am using app passwords since years without any trouble
Unfortunately, I am not a docker user.
Please tell us how you performed the update.

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