27.1.6 (docker version) - "No files or folders have been deleted yet"


Not sure when exactly issue occured, but currently on 27.1.6 when I’m trying to look into “Deleted FIles” I got: “No files in here|No files or folders have been deleted yet” in webUI.
I’ve created TEST.md, then deleted it and then we have:

# docker inspect nextCloud-app | grep -E "Source|Target"
                    "Source": "/opt/docker/mount/nextCloud/app/var_www_html",
                    "Target": "/var/www/html"
                    "Source": "/opt/docker/mount/nextCloud/app/usr_local_etc",
                    "Target": "/usr/local/etc"
# pwd ; ls -salh TEST.md*
4.0K -rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 15 01-31 16:09 TEST.md.d1706713816

and mysql:

mysql> select * from oc_files_trash where id= 'TEST.md' ;
| auto_id | id      | user | timestamp  | location | type | mime |
|    7455 | TEST.md | dx   | 1706713816 | .        | NULL | NULL |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

So the file(s) is missing only in webUI…

Could it be caused by some outdated ini/conf file since I’m using mountpoint for /usr/local/etc? I’d try to disable that mount, but I can’t do major changes right now.

It’s a known issue and has been fixed for the next point release.

Is it fixed in version 27.1.7?
or 28…?