23.0.8 and 24.0.4 finals

Maintenance releases of 24.0.4 and 23.0.8 are now available on our download server.






What is the intent of “Improve local IP detection”?

I noticed that Smb access is still not fixed.
Is this not a concern?

This release was neither announced in the News section nor on the blog. What makes the difference between those releases that are announced officially and those that are not?

Or did I miss the posts in News, the blog respectively?

This releases are Maintenance releases and they are only for maintenance e.g. fixing bugs.

It’s a bit like Windows 10, when there are a few security updates there, there’s no real announcement either. It only gets interesting with the next release e.g. Windows 11.

Hm, would make sense if other maintenance releases would not have been announced in the blog and News section.

Same for 24.0.2 and the e.g. the desktop client releases.

That’s why I asked for the difference.