22.2.3 - Very Slow Speed - 1GbF/1GbF Internet

I am getting really slow speeds up and down when using Nextcloud 22.2.3 with Windows App.

I am using a Dell R730 with full SSD drives is where Nextcloud is installed has unrestricted access to out 1GbF internet connection.

My client machine is a Windows 10 desktop running the latest version of the Nextcloud app. This machine is also connected to an unrestricted 1GbF internet connection.

Transfer speed seems to be restricted by the Nextcloud server since no other transfers I have tested have any speed issues.

I have also tested downloading files from the webpage and same results further confirming my suspicions that the restriction is at the server level.

I even tested on the same LAN as the server and same slow speed.

Can someone let me know how to remove any restrictions so I get full unrestricted performance.

Thank you,

this issue can be caused by multiple things.
As far as I know there is no actual “Limiter” in any config file.

The Nextcloud itself is a mix of php, a database etc. und uses webdav to transfer the files between the machines.

to increase speed you can tune the php installation, update the nc itself, install the in rust written hpb backend for filetransfer.

And last but not least nc uses a Database and is also limited by the read and write speed of it. Upgrading or tuning your database could leed to mor peformence.

Actually I can’t tell wich is the proper solution for your system but this would be my first approches to take a look at.

Thank you for the response but I am no expert and really need some direction on exactly what to do.

Any additional help would be greatly appreciated.


Keep in mind you can easy crush your instance if you not knowing what you are doing.

In this case I’d highly recomend let it go as it is. But if you want to try here are some links to follow:

running a mariadb cluster for more db peformence:

switching to postgreSQL server instead:

its written for NC 17 and the schema of the DB has changed but the basic idea should be still working.

Information on HPB for Files: Setting up Files (High Performance Backend)

An NC update can be installed from the settingstab in your Webinterface.

I cant state often enough, that this not easy even for experts. So take a good backup to role back to if you crush the system ore let it run as it is.

“Never touch a running system, unless you absolutly have to” is a hard lesson to leasson to learn. Just keep that in mind.

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There are a few topics on the forum where users complain about performance. There are some suggestions what you can do, problem is that “slow” is not very clear. <1 MB/s, there are probably configuration issues and cache settings need to be improved. If you are in the range of 10s of MB/s, then it gets harder.

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Thank you DrJambus,

I will look this over.

Meanwhile if anyone else has any suggestions your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,