22.0.0 Beta 2 is here, help test!

As promised, here’s the info that beta2 is on the download servers, and a changelog!

I keep getting asked “what has changed”, but we don’t have our marketing texts yet, and if we did we’d rather not spill them. But I can try to generate a changelog, so here is a list of what was merged between 21.0.2 and 22.0.0beta2, minus all of the dependency bumps - those should not be overly interested, and they added more than 450 items to this list, so it is a little cleaned up. I hope it helps with testing.

I would also point out that you can simply look on github what we do. Most teams work with open projects. There is Server · GitHub or the groupware project Groupware · GitHub - it’s easy to get involved or find pull requests to test.

In general, though, testing by installing/upgrading an existing system (I’d recommend a test copy, but personally I’ve always updated my private servers to beta releases and never had serious issues) is one of the most helpful things you can do. Upgrade issues are the worst :hotdog:

Some clicking through your favorite features helps and I’m sure you’ll notice new things when you go through apps. Sadly, installing test versions of each of the apps is a bit of a pita, I’d love it if we would make that easier as it is annoying for me personally, too - I wish our app store could let you install alpha and beta versions by choice.

Anyhow, enough complaining about how hard our lives are (… irony yes), here’s that list everybody keeps asking for :wink:



The PDF viewer issues has been fixed

The passwordless login is working…

Most of other apps - 2FA, groupfolder, Talk, SAML, etc. - can’t even be installed.
Here is what the app bundle page looks like

The v.22 Beta 2 updates and boots up… As far as “testing” at this point can go (for me)…

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The apps - it’s coming. For beta 3 (yesterday) we have Nc 22 added to our app store so app authors can make releases. I also link to a few apps you can install manually, many have made alpha releases.

The delay described by me since NC 22 b2 is still present in NC 22 b5: When calling /settings/admin/overview, it takes >60 sec. for the tests to finish and I get this message:


NAME 22.0.0 beta 5

Eine neue Version ist verfügbar: Nextcloud 22.0.0 beta 2
Die Verbindung zum App-Store konnte nicht aufgebaut werden oder der App-Store hat keine Apps zurück geliefert. Suche selbst nach Updates oder stelle sicher, dass Dein Server Zugriff auf das Internet hat und eine Verbindung zum App-Store aufbauen kann.

This is right after installing Beta5 manually and loading /settings/admin/overview twice.

have you tried setting back your channel to “stable”?

To be honest, I don’t know whan and how exactly it was solved automagically or whether I did anything special but all my instances seem to be fine today (in that respect at least) – I’m on 22.1.1 on both test instance (beta channel) and production instance (stable channel).