200 local folders mounted - extreme performance issues


I’m trying to mount around 200 local folders via the external storage app to give specific groups access to specific folders.

Although, as soon as I import the json file via occ files_external:import command, the Web GUI essentially stops working (login screen is fast, but all other pages take 5-20 minutes to load, if at all).

At first I was thinking that this might be due to some indexing and creating thumbnails/preview etc., so I redid the import and disabled previews to hopefully speed things up. Unfortunately it’s still the same and when looking at the storage - there’s no real activity, same with CPU and RAM.

What I do notice though is that php-fpm service ends up in state ‘D’ (in htop) for “Disk sleep” and sporadically changes to run and that’s when some elements get loaded in the Web GUI. The problem here is as mentioned that it takes a reaaally long time. When I check the logs, I actually find nothing apart from my login attempt.

Anyone have an idea of what this could come from? Solution?


First try to increase the log level, so more things get logged. For debugging that can get a bit nasty, I’d check out in github.com/nextcloud/server/issues for similar topic, perhaps there are a few tricks that help to debug.

I found almost the same the issue is visible with 1 folder already but with 3 external folders the system is really slow already.