20.0.5 Incomplete user list and not lazy-loading more than 50 users

Nextcloud version:
Operating system and version: Debian 10.7 4.19.0-11-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.146-1 (2020-09-17) x86_64 GNU/Linux
Apache or nginx version: Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)
PHP version: 7.3.19-1~deb10u1

After upgrading from 19.x to 20.x and then to 20.0.5 when I enter the users administration (/index.php/settings/users) it only loads 50 users.
When I scroll down the image and “No users in here” is shown additionally.
Now I switch to “Disabled users” there is no user and also the text “No users in here” is not displayed.
In the developer console of the browser I can see that the request (/ocs/v2.php/cloud/users/details?offset=0&limit=25&search=) always loads the first 50 users.
If I use the search with a username which I know is disabled (appid = core, configkey = enabled, configvalue = false) then the user is displayed in the group.

So basicly the problem is that only the first 50 users are loaded and anything more than that is not.
And since there is no disabled user in the first 50 I get zero users listed in the “Disabled users” group.
There are no errors in any log. The JSON content is just not fully loaded it seems.

Edit 27.01.2021
Today I upgraded to and still the same.
I also tested with different Browsers. Same effect everywhere. Must be a serverside issue.
I just noticed that the form to create a new local user is hidden with CSS:

<form data-v-c4fdcc08="" id="new-user" class="row" style="display: none;">

I think the event for scrolling is just not executed but I’m not sure how to validate that.

Edit 28.01.2021
It seems to happen to the apps list too.
It loads 41 JSON objects (apps) and as soon as i switch the category there is an empty page.
Only if I enter a single letter into the search box, something is displayed.

Edit 03.02.2021
Updated to - the user management problem persists.

Any help appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

I have the exact same issue, making it unusable since I need to add to new shares users that can’t be loaded.

Because of the missing lazy load, I’ve edited following JS code file:

usersLimit: 25
usersLimit: 500



With these changes it takes a little longer to load the page but at least I can see/edit/access all users even in the group ‘disabled’.