20.0.0beta3 Feedback

Hi, successfully updated to version 20.0.0beta3 and want to leave some feedback.

  • New Apple-style night sky backdrop is cool, but I’m surprised it overrode my defined, plain dark theme look. Slightly confusing at a glance.
    • I see I can re-configure my usual background, but might make sense to clarify the new Dashboard with a button such as Welcome to Your Dashboard! and leave the default look as the standard theme.
  • Ask admin if they want to make Dashboard their default app, rather than overriding the previous app order automatically.
  • Set Status button is slick!
  • Location based weather notification is giving incorrect temperature.
    • Location Access - Firefox 64-bit current stable doesn’t seem to understand or remember once I’ve clicked enable Location Access. I’m seeing a pop up continuously.
    • No option to set weather as Fahrenheit instead of Celsius?
    • Coloring of the temperature is a strange, very bright yellow that is difficult to read alongside the light colored font on the standard Dark theme.
    • Perhaps a Nextcloud blue color instead of the yellow for legibility.
    • It would be awesome to have a 7 day forecast visible.
    • Weather status I’d want to see is any upcoming heatwave or rain or snow. Basically, hazard reporting.

Widget menu selection is slick.

  • Missing a Go Back button of some kind instead of just re-directing the user into /index.php/settings/apps/dashboard
  • Easy to add additional widgets, but unclear of how to add account credentials from this page for each Widget… all I can do is Disable or Download and Enable them.

  • Please add a button or hyperlink to take the user directly back to the Edit widgets menu so they can immediately add their credentials.
  • Installing a Widget under index.php/settings/apps/dashboard should automatically make it visible on the Edit widgets menu for customizing. Doesn’t make sense to have to manually select it with a check box on that page afaik. Ideally I’d immediately see this in the Dashboard after installing the new widgets, to hide as needed:

I’d love to get to this view (with any new widget visible) as quickly as possible when installing or adding new Widgets. :+1:

  • It makes more sense for me to have these items visible by default, rather than hidden by default after installation. :slight_smile:

Some widget integrations missing Oauth access

Oauth included on beta3 for Reddit, Twitter, Mastodon.

  • Oauth access missing for Github, Gitlab, and Discourse integration. All are supported in the wild.

Adding additional widgets will be useful…

  • Text app as a widget. It is useful to quickly pull up, even for just leaving notes on the Dashboard.
    • Can I share my Dashboard with other users?
  • Starred Favorites would make a great widget in addition to Recommended Files.
  • Shared would also be awesome if sorted by files accessed by others.

This new Dashboard would combine nicely with a left-side tree view of the file system. …Just dreaming. :slight_smile:

Cheers, and thanks for reading!


Does anyone know if these Dashboards become pre-defined for all users / groups?
Also, can I share my Dashboard with other users?

For the admin user it probably does, for all others it might not.

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Thanks for testing and taking the time to write this all up.
Let me comment on some of them:

Not doing it by default wiill make it indiscoverable for most users. Feel free to set it back to 'defaultapp' => 'files', in your config.php. But we will keep it thi s way as we think that is the better starting point to Nextcloud.

Blame your browser, or don’t as they just protect your privacy.

There is a “Locale” setting in the personal settings. It will also change the temperature from °C to °F for the following locales ['en_US', 'en_MH', 'en_FM', 'en_PW', 'en_KY', 'en_LR']

it’s a zoomed version of https://github.com/nextcloud/server/blob/70d1d1997af5fe8d18f2d0ed06680bdbef76e304/apps/weather_status/img/sun.svg but I agree that this one icon fails here.

Well since it’s the attempt to show the weather icon we rather need to find out why this one is failing.

Feel free to write a Dashboard panel for that, the small status can not show 7 days :wink:

Our idea is more "oh it’s raining today, let me check the events in the calendar widget below if I need to change something up.

Thanks a lot for the exhaustive feedback!

Coloring of the temperature is a strange

It is definitely a style conflict and will definitely be fixed before the release. Weather icons are supposed to be small, placed before the temperature.

Location based weather notification is giving incorrect temperature

The weather service is to blame for that. We provide coordinates and estimated elevation (from SRTM) to increase temperature precision. Should be fine. It was fine in the million tests I did :wink:

Weather status I’d want to see is any upcoming heatwave or rain or snow

It is exactly what it’s supposed to show: weather forecast in 6 hours, including temperature, weather description (rainy, cloudy,…)

Oauth access missing for Github, Gitlab, and Discourse integration. All are supported in the wild.

Github and Gitlab require the Nextcloud admin to set up an OAuth app. Once it is set up, the “authenticate via OAuth” button will appear for users. We can’t make a Github OAuth app that would be used by every Nextcloud instance because Github OAuth implementation expects a “redirection URL” so each Nextcloud instance URL must be explicitly declared… Same for Gitlab and Zammad. The other services support “protocol” redirection that works with one single OAuth app.

For discourse I don’t know what you mean because the “request Discourse access” is always shown. Make sure the Discourse instance is properly configured (the setting hint explains that)

By the way, did you manage to successfully authenticate to Reddit, Twitter and Mastodon via OAuth?

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Sorry. For me the dashoard is not a added value.

  • i do not need the weather (why not additional weather app at the top?)
  • only status could be a button at the top of nextcloud menu
  • “Recommended files” are also in the app “files”
  • “recent statuses” ??

I think Nextcloud only needs a Dashboard because of all tools uses it.
And it is the default app because if not nobody would use it.
But nextcloud has the advantage to deactivate it.
But i think not for Single-User-Nextcloud-Hostings. What a pity.

Looks pretty empty in your case, but with some more apps like calendar, talk, and so on, it will be the home of your instance providing you with a quick overview over all apps.

Just disable the dashboard app then, but as said other apps bring the value to the dashboard. Just wait until more of those apps are available.

Fixed in

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Ok. But more for business than for private users.

If you have a Single-User-Nextcloud-Hostings (e.g. to manage files) it does not work to deactivate the app.

(Hosting at https://nc.nl.tab.digital, actual Nextcloud 18)
Also a normal user (not admin) can not deactivate the dashboard or is there a personal configuration option? Perhaps someone can include an option for personal default app.

Not really if you ask me. For me it shows:

  1. Upcoming calendar events for today and the week
  2. Important emails from the mail app
  3. Cards from deck which are due this week
  4. Active calls and mentions in chats

Basically instead of having to check 4 apps, I have it all in one overview

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@nickvergessen since you chime in here and there (and especially here :wink: )

I already saw several new Apps coming up for NC20 in the Appstore. Like Twitter integration, Reddit, Github, Gitlab, Discourse, Mastodon, etc…

Is there something in the tube for Facebook or Instragram as well?

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@JimmyKater It’s not in my todo list :wink: but now that plenty of example widgets using external APIs are available, I hope it will make it easier for someone who is motivated.

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To add & experience most of those new Dashboards currently requires installing beta versions of the apps… at least for Deck and Talk. Also noticed 20.0.0beta3 makes it easy to update beta apps from the admin appstore. :slight_smile:

Deactivate how? I had no trouble disabling Dashboard from the appstore panel under /index.php/settings/apps/enabled

  • Just be sure to disable all Dashboard integrations as well.
  • Seems there is no personal user option to disable or re-organize Dashboard. I tried using App Order and it no longer works afaik.

I see, I remember doing this before for other apps. It will most certainly benefit from a little more documentation. :+1:

I see. That makes sense that it ties into upcoming events. Slightly reminds me of Home Assistant. :slight_smile:

Hmm, not sure. /index.php/settings/user lets me set locale, but it seems weather will not switch to Fahrenheit if choosing USA or similar.

Right, text looks off to me as I’m running the Dark Theme under /index.php/settings/user/accessibility

Unfortunately I’ve tun into trouble while testing Reddit. You can follow the report here.

Mastodon was much easier to setup. I added the URL to my instance and clicked Oauth. I received a failure notification, but clicked a second time and it worked!
Mastodon OAuth access token successfully retrieved!✖


Really? Sorry i do not use 20 Beta.
I think the normal user find it not easily to use it.
And the admin must install https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/apporder

I tested AppOrder on my Test-Nextcloud 19.
For my test user i set the photo app to the top.
But with re-login the files-app is started.
Something wrong?


Thoughts on possible Dashboard additions

RSS Feeds Widgets + custom widget titles, would add the ability to support:

  • Nextcloud Activity App (even from external Nextcloud instances)
  • News app
  • Bookmarks app

Along with a number of external services directly from the new Dashboard. Definitely worth considering!

Hide or collapse widget if no unread notifications
Should also prove useful as the Dashboard gets busier and busier. If there are no new notifications from Mastodon, simply accordian it closed or hide it completely. Something to consider. :+1:


that would be nice!

Issue filed for adding a Forever Alone widget in place of displaying widgets with no unread, etc… Here is a rough example:

Projects widget request filed as well.