2 Factore by SMS

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I’m new in nextcloud.
Could you please help me, how can I setup 2 Factore authentification by sms in nextcloud.

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Do you have websms or playsms as SMS provider?
More Information can be found here: https://github.com/nextcloud/twofactor_sms

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No brother, We will have a gateway sms for our company, but I don’t know
which one.
Could you please help and explain me how it works.

Thanks a lot for your collaboration.
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To be honest, I never tried it for myself. I just had a look in the documentation in the link and it looks easy for the two supported SMS provierds.
So if you have a own SMS provider for your company I think there are three cases.

  1. Your SMS provider is one of the two supported, or compatible with them
  2. You can add the support for your SMS provider, but this will require some Programming skills. The sourcecode of the app can be found on github.
  3. You will have to pay somebody to programm the support for your SMS provider. I don’t know if nextcloud GMbH does it, but thats where I would ask first.