2-factor-authorization with unsynced time

Hi, I have nextcloud 13 running on an external virtual server hosted by an external hoster. System is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and virtualization software should be virtuozzo.

I wanted to activate two-factor-authorization for my account but was not able to verify the key. I now think I know why. The time of the server is 3 minutes delayed.

I tried something (ntg) and did a search and it seems that this issue is known and only my hoster can do something. For a virtual server I have not the options since I can not sync the hardware clock. I opened a ticket but maybe they can not do anything or maybe not ensure that this time is in sync every time which can lead to login issues.

Is there any solution or workaround known? For example setting something so that nextcloud or the two Factor authentification app uses a different time then the server?

sorry… without ssh console on server - no chance.
But as workaround you may set your time 3 minutes delayed… then it should work with the server.

@jakobssystems I have root and ssh, but are limited due to the virtual server. I installed ntg but can not sync since I don’t have access to the hardware clock.

I’m one of the users. I don’t want that everybody needs to adjust theire time manually only to access the nextcloud.

Any other ideas I can try?

find the error: I have root … but limited…

I am afraid to tell, but without the cooperation of your hoster, you can’t solve this problem. And I fully understand that mentioned workaround is not acceptable.

Thanks. So far the hoster resolved it. I now cross the fingers that the time will stay synced. A virtual Server ist much cheaper than a dedicated one and sufficient for our needs.