1Password and other Sync errors

So, I just setup NextCloud on my QNAP NAS, and mostly I really like what I’m seeing… But, I’m getting a lot of sync errors.

Type 1
1Password - Seems like from this post that maybe this just isn’t going to work like Dropbox (which I’d really like to get rid of). Please don’t recommend other password managers, I love 1Password and will keep a cheap DB if I have to, but would like to get around this.

Type 2
Internal Server error, which gets so back it kills the server (fortunately I’m running in a VM on Virtualization station so I’ve been able to go to the backup to restore) and leaves me with a white screen of death on the web interface and the clients disconnected. I hope this isn’t typical.

Which database are you using? What system are you using in your virtual machine?

I’m using the MariaDB from the Tech and Me VM running Ubuntu 16.04 server.

I would think that the Tech and Me VM has a quite good default config. If you are running low on memory could result in such errors, did you check the memory usage? It should be worth checking the logfiles as well, if there are memory issues, it should also show up there.