15.0.6 no changelog available

Still version 15.0.4, no 15.0.6 available, no .6 changelog

Changelog is the most important of all.

What makes you think 15.0.6 is already there?
.4 has been released 2 days ago, i guess it will take some weeks for the next update.

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i guess i make a fool of myself … just updated to .4 and thought it was .6

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Nextcloud does many releases compared to other cloud software vendors.
But they are not that fast :slight_smile:

Otherwise I had to edit the wikipedia page again :sweat:

That time, 15.0.6 is up, and still no change log !!!

I was a little in advance, but now, i am right in time !!!


Already sent a message on Twitter.
btw. update went fine :smiley: