12.0.6 production channel offers 13.0.2

My Nextcloud 12.0.6 offers version 13.0.2.
I’m on production channel.
I assume it should offer 12.0.7
2018-05-08 14_26_55
I tried to switching channels & refresh page already.

Is this a bug?
Should I open an issue on github?

Thank you!

It’s correct behaviour. Channel “production” offers now version 13 .

See: https://github.com/nextcloud/updater_server/pull/113#issuecomment-389054897

In my opinion this behaviour is bad. What sense does it make to have two channels act like the same instead of giving the people the choice to choose the most stable version currently supported.

well they really don’t are the same… --> https://nextcloud.com/release-channels/

hi. but how can I stay with v12 by using web-updater only? I don’t want upgrade to v13 at this moment. I’m using 12.0.6 anf a want to update to 12.0.8 or 12.0.9 now. how this is possible?

It seems it is no difference between “stable” and “production”. but such definitions are not important.
The most important thing that I able to decide starting an update or an upgrade.
thank you for help.