11.3 - issue accessing Management portal

Good afternoon,

I am simply trying to get the Nextcloud plugin working. I’ve done a lot of googling, and nobody else seems to have this issue.

This is a fresh FreeNAS installation, and subsequent Nextwave Plugin installation. The Plugin seems to install without issue, but when I click on Management, it takes me to a general login page, not the mangement page. Please see the screenshots I’ve attached.

Full disclosure, I am brand new to FreeNAS as well as Nextcloud.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What kind of “management” login page do you expect?
Login with a Nextcloud admin account and “manage”…?!

Is there a default username/pw?

Is that the expected behavior and I’m just retarded?

I was expecting this page:

Yes, that’s the page you get when following a normal install.
If you don’t, look into the specifics how it is done on FreeNAS…

Thanks for the reply Henry.

This is the video I watched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETdlrNUGjZk -titled: “How to Setup NextCloud on FreeNAS 11.2”

I cannot follow the video because I can’t get to the Management screen that he is accessing.


I don’t have/use FreeNAS, can’t comment on it…

Your FreeNAS is the 11.3 and the video guide you followed is for 11.2.
Maybe try this instead?

Or maybe start with FreeNAS 11.2?

If you are serious about running Nextcloud, install a Ubuntu virtual machine and then Nextcloud on it (aka normal install). Will save you a lot of headaches down the road…

CORRECTION: Link to the guide was in error…