1 windows client doesnt work?

Hey guys,

I have a problem with my nextcloud, but… nextcloud isn’t the problem!

I have a perfectly fine running nextcloud setup latest and greatest stable version. All doing fine until something happened what i can’t explain and now my windows client doesnt work at one specific pc.

My setup:
I have haproxy setup, for my wan and lan
Lan side points to: (haproxy frontend) - backend points to the backend server.

It runs great on my laptop in vlan 25 (
But when I try on my desktop at vlan 1 ( it times out and doesnt work.

What does go wrong here?


I have no experience with haproxy, and you didn’t provide the IP of your Nextcloud machine (is it the same as haproxy? Is the “backend server” the Nextcloud server?). But it may be a netmask problem.

Since the laptop is on a different virtual LAN than the desktop, they’ll need to have a netmask of to see each other. If the Nextcloud server is on the same virtual LAN as the working client, then the non-working machine may be blocked by the netmask.

It’s possible an update or DHCP lease may have changed a network setting that’s causing you the trouble.

The IP is

The setup is as follows: nc.abc.com
for PC’s inside my local network it points to (local ha proxy) which is setup in DNS resolver.
for Wan clients it navigates to the WAN interface.

All clients work inside my network except of my desktop (wired).

I can ping and navigate between certain VLANS without a issue. I can go onto VLAN1 and 25 and still get to nextcloud. only my pc doesn’t work, no idea why