0 MB in some SMB folders

qualcuno può aiutarmi a capire perché alcune cartelle condivise SMB riesco a leggerle in nexcloud mentre altre cartelle mi dice che sono vuote “0 MB” in realtà sono cartelle come le altre

can someone help me understand why some SMB shared folders i can read them in nexcloud while other folders It tell me they are empty “0 MB” actually this folders are like the others


I moved that thread because you chose Italian as your first language. It’s ok but we could expect Italian answers mixed with English ones as well and we don’t really want that on the international part of the forum.

Plus your posting is missing all neccessary informations

grazie per l’attenzione, non mi è facile capire come fare ad ottenere supporto, dici che mancano le tutte le informazioni necessarie ma io non capisco quali informazioni sono necessarie? Puoi aiutarmi? Ma posso ottenere supporto a pagamento?

I can’t remember under which category you filed your original posting, I think it was support. Opening a thread there automatically inserts a template where u are asked for some informations.

You could ask @Enoch85 for paid help…

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