0.7.2: How to increase the number of documents of the search result list?

Currently only 10 documents were displayed on one page of the search result list.

How can i increase it, let’s say to 100 documents? @Cult

Thank you!

is it 10 or 20 ?

There is no other way to change the default value but editing the file manually, but could be a nice feature to add.

Well, in line 175 of fulltextsearch.v1.searchbox.js is

size: 20

but the search result list is displaying only 10 documents.

No matter which value is in line 175, i increased it to 200 and still 10 documents were shown in the search result list?

You’re talking about the fulltextsearch page itself, not the Files integration ?

if so, adding the size: 20 in navigate.js should do the trick