Windows Server 2012 r2

Good night, I would like to know how to install the client on windows server 2012 R2? it’s possible?

Sure. The Nextcloud client can be installed on a Windows server system in exactly the same way as on a Windows client system.


What are you trying to achieve exactly?

Can it be installed?

  • Sure!

Does it make sense to install it on a Windows Server?

  • Probably not, unless you are using Windows Server as your workstation OS, because a user must always be logged in for it to work.

windows server 2012 as a workstation, so I wanted to install the client for personal backup, but I couldn’t.

I tried in several ways and I was unable to install the nexcloud client on windows server 2012 systems,

You have to be more specific, otherwise nobody will be able to help you.

However, the latest version 3.2.1 or 3.2.0 cannot be updated. This cannot be installed automatic or manually either, since “This Application only runs on Windows 10, Version 1709 or higher !” is displayed during installation. If try exctract MSI Package and start - get (CLDAPI.dll is missing).

I am currently still using the Nextcloud Desktop-Client Version 3.1.3.
This can be installed on a Server 2012 R2 and 2016 or 2019 and it’s works fine.
Link: Release Release 3.1.3 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub


I can also confirm. Nextcloud version 3.2.1 will not install on Windows Server 2012 (build 9200) either. This leaves me stuck on version 3.1.3.

The installer just repeats “This Application only runs on Windows 10, Version 1709 or higher !”

And yes, for client reasons this machine is used as a workstation.

Please advise.

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Hi @ScottYates

I can’t give you a detailed technical explanation why it doesn’t run on older Windows versions. But Windows 2012 R2 is based on Windows 8.1 and is therefore older than Windows 10.

Upgrade to a newer version of Windows?!

Upgrading this particular machine is not an option right now for this client. I guess I am confused as to why support changed so drastically for a small “point” release of the client. It was my understanding that breaking changes like this are usually announced and limited to larger version number releases.

I am not privy to the internal discussions, but it does seem like I am not the only one affected. Is there a possibility of rolling back the changes that broke backward compatibility?

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I am not a developer and don’t know if you can do something, to make the new client work on older Windows versions. But I don’t think it’s possible. At least not in an easy way. There are serval threads in the forum of users with older Windows versions, and I didn’t see a solution in any of them…

But why not just keep using the old version? Unless the customer absolutely needs the new Virtual Drive function, there is no reason to update the client. At least as long as the old version still works. And I see no reason why this should change in the near future.