Wiki NextCloud apps


I very new using nextcloud, i was searching for a solution to have a wiki like alfresco running in nextcloud, anyone expert can or have a solution to have this running?

Looks like both might work together as-is. Google “Nextcloud Webdav” and add those credentials to Alfresco as explained here, then let us know if it works.

That would really be useful! also searching for the same… some Wiki module/app where users can add info and in an easy way.

Do not want to use Alf and NextCloud… just want to use 1 of them, but without the Wiki part, it doesn’t fit my needs…

What about using Dokuwiki or Tiddlywiki (hosted via PicoCMS) in Nextcloud?

authpdo for allowing Nextcloud + Dokuwiki users to share credentials.
Here is a detailed thread from this very forum on how to get Dokuwiki and Nextcloud functioning properly. Lots of various apps, ideas, and plug-ins.

Maybe a bit overkill, but the Discourse forums also work quite well as a wiki (it has special wiki topics) and there is an integration app for it with Nextcloud.

I am not aware that PicoCMS would allow any html file to be hosted though… isn’t it just for websites converted from markdown?