Why will these files not sync?

I’m running NextCloud 13 on my desktop (Ubuntu 18) and I’m using it to sync the configuration files and work projects between my laptop (Windows 10) and desktop home folders. Everything seems to be working fine except for some weird hiccups seemingly preventing the files from actually syncing entirely?

Here are some files that refuse to sync:

It says this is because they are on the ignore list, but when I go to the ignore list, I don’t see their file types anywhere and I don’t know how to change it so that they are forced to sync?

Secondly I’m having these problems with my configuration folders:


It’s saying the files can not be accessed by the system. But I don’t see why though. I have given the “Work” folder full access to any user on the system, including www-data I presume.


the answer to your question - i think - is somewhere in this thread

you try to synchronize files with “special” characters ( . ~ ) with special meaning. (hidding, temp file)

I bypassed the file restriction here; works for everything except for symbolic links