WHY is owncloud still faster than nextcloud after all this time?

Ok, so I havent touched either for a long time now. The last time I did owncloud was much faster at loading images in the gallery than nextcloud. Today I decided to try both out again. I have a spare computer that I am using as a server. I installed ubuntu 18.04 server for both tests.

I love how easy it was to install nextcloud snap, but, when I add photos to the gallery (I let it load completely first), when I click a file it takes a moment to load the full image, when I hit next, it shows the loading image for a second or two and then loads the image and so on and so on.

However when I do this with owncloud with the exact same images. There is ZERO loading from one to the next, no matter how fast I click next. It is literally instant.

I am curious as to why there is such a difference between the two with the images loading times and what can be done to match that performance with loading of pictures?

Owncloud had NO extra configurations done after install, like redis or https, etc

Everything was configured out of the box with nextcloud.


Regarding the preview generator, nachoparker has a quite nice tutorial how this works and how you can optimize it:

I think owncloud has released a new media viewer but I don’t know if they generate thumbnails or if that is done via cronjobs or during the upload process. Nextcloud generate thumbnails of different size and when you access the folder for the first time they must be generated.

Did you see other performance difference? Upload or download? After the fork, the code was still very similar, so it would be interesting to see the differences after 3 years…

well, right after the release of nextcloud the performance was about the same, for while. Then awhile later owncloud must have changed something, at least with the gallery because the pictures load instantly, no loading at all. I would have to double check again but I think deleting a lot of pictures was faster on owncloud as well. Other than that … that’s all I really noticed due to me mainly wanting to use it for pictures.

Just a wild guess, but maybe ownCloud is simply sending you the original file which doesn’t need any resizing at all and will be pretty fast on a local network?

Unlikely. That would consume an enormous amount of bandwidth and potentially be even slower.