Why any user can view all the contacts belonging to other groups?

Well, that was a rant allright. Not sure what to take from it, except that this is maybe a feature reserved to paying customers because, well, you need more paying customers.

Anyway, i would like to keep the autocomplete menu as well, but would like it to only give results from within the users groups back.

Is this a feature i can get in the paid version?

At Nextcloud there is no paid versus unpaid version. Everything is available to everybody - at least that’s the promise from the team. Sure hope they deliver on it.

As already stated, there is no free or paid version. The desired feature is available (or put in other words: the bug is fixed) since Nextcloud 12.4.

For users who use an LDAP backend, this problem was fixed with NC13.

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solved now.

i still have this same issue in NC 16.0.7
any way to solve this ?

I still have this issue in NC 20.0.1.

Indeed the problem is still present. Everyone can see everyone in contacts menu. Since years now! I think it should be possible to either remove the contacts menu or to give the users the possibility to hide their contact information from other users!
This issue is being discussed since years now, here and at GitHub. And still there is no solution…

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guys (and girls, maybe)

I can’t state your claims. It doesn’t show anything on the contacts menu on NO NC I have access to (there are a few, indeed).

So either you’d give out some more informations about your instances (setup, environment, config, etc) or you most probably won’t see any solution for your problem.

I had a look at my NC instance today and I think, I found the issue:
I use LDAP as user-backend and all users of the LDAP-server who are allowed to use Nextcloud, are in one group (on the LDAP-server). This group isn’t imported into Nextcloud via the LDAP/AD-Setting “Groups”, but it seems, as the contact menu does consider this group as a Nextcloud group.
This is odd, because the sharing dialogue only shows users that are in the same group (LDAP and local groups) while contact menu seems to refer to the group on the LDAP-server that isn’t even imported and which (correctly) doesn’t show up in Nextcloud group management.

I created a local user and it isn’t capable of seeing other users outside of his group. So the problem seems to be the LDAP group integration or my configuration of it. Does anyone has a hint concerning the handling of LDAP groups in Nextcloud? In my understanding, groups for administrational purpose on the LDAP-server, that aren’t configured to be available in nextcloud shouldn’t be taken into account by the contacts menu.

Can anyone reproduce this?

I’ve used the workaround - but users can still see each other through the backend or “Talk” app. I am on NC 21.0.4 and used the NextCloudPi image to install.

None of my users are in any group and there is only one admin (me). Normal users can see all other users too, which is problematic.

This is a problem that keeps on giving. Been around a long time it seems. I just set up next cloud and noticed the same thing. It takes control away from the admin if the users can all see each other many reasons why at home or a business would want this on by default.
Maybe they take the model used by FACEBOOK, share everything and even more with everyone.
I have to believe they have fixed this, maybe you just overlooked it a setting someplace. It would be crazy if its been unfixed since version 10.xxx o

Perhaps this also helps here.