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Not sure this is in the right place, but I was looking for something, somewhere that explained why there is now NextCloud which I’m guessing from reading some of the documentation will be identical to ownCloud at this stage?

I’m sure there are probably good reasons, but doesn’t dividing the community and development resource simply put back both projects?

Yes. Me too.

I use OwnCloud with 3 organisations - one of which is very resistant to change - should I change to NextCloud? Why? What will happen if I don’t?

I have read the announcements on this website and the OwnCloud website, but as an end user/admin, not a developer (and specifically not someone involved in the development of either project), I cannot easily see what the implications will be for me and my colleagues. Maybe the question is too broad and the possible outcomes as yet unclear, but I’m looking for someone to persuade me either way. I don’t want to continue just because of inertia until I find myself in a position when I no longer have any choice.

Thanks for your time both in answering this question and or all the work you have put in to developing these great services.

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As I understand it, owncloud foundation will continue to exist and development won’t stop.
The benefit to nextcloud will be the fully FOSS model with support akin to what Redhat provide.

Essentially you won’t have to pay for an enterprise version to get enterprise functionality, only the support if you choose to use that.

You may find answers in this thread:

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Thanks, didn’t see that.

The issue of no further forking is useful.

Thanks. That’s useful.

Not sure I’ve really needed or missed the enterprise features on OC, but it’s definitely nice to know I can access them if I need to.