White Panel with XAMPP

Good evening!
I am trying to install nextcloud at first on a localhost with XAMPP (Win10) and MySQL.
(I have administrator rights for windows. There is “root” password with mysql.)
After loading all the nextcloud files to xampp/htdocs under the name “nextcloud” and creating a new database with mysql I want to install nextcloud.
However, now I just get a white panel when typing localhost/nextcloud in the browser without being able to proceed with installing.
I suppose this has anything to do with XAMPP (.htdocs?)

I would be grateful for any tip.

Windows is not supported. Please use a Linux system.

Ok, now i get a little bit “pissed” Because all the Linux Fans and Opensource Fans are proclaimng “Hey we are open we dont like closed Systems or Programs!” and what happen now? Windows users get locked out! So, thats not my understanding of “Open” Source! I dont have the possibility to setup two PC´s (One for daily Work and another one with Linux only for Nextcloud)! and a virtual Machine just for Nextcloud? No!

So, thanks for nothing and bye!

Go back to the discussion when the Windows support in ownCloud 8.0 was discontinued to see the reasons. The php implementation in Windows was leading to data loss and there was no real fix for that (they tried a few work-arounds). And to ask Nextcloud to fix all the shortcomings of XAMPP is probably a bit too much to ask for. However, if you want to make it work on Windows, you can do it, it’s open source!

Why not? It’s easy to manage, backups are easy, migrations to a different host, …
Even if you want to work on a Linux Desktop, I would recommend you to use a different virtual machine and keep one dedicated to Nextcloud.

Or a cheap ARM device: