Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

Joplin is irrelevant : the files it creates can be read only in Joplin, and have names impossible to read.
Means that you can’t create a txt file with Joplin on you phone and read the file on your computer with a text editor.
That’s a nightmare when you have several devices and OS.

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Sync SMS and MMS text/group messages to desktop. RCS too if that ever becomes possible. The existing FOSS apps that claim to sync text messages appear dead.

I would love to be able to to reply to an MMS group message with an email, automatically swapping phone numbers for email addresses for extant address book contacts.

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Gmail integration for attachements. Would be great to be able to attach files from nextcloud directly in the gmail web interface :slight_smile:

I would love to have an easy way to set a link to my contact data (in German: “Impressum”) and privacy declaration on all pages, not just the login-page and some (e.g., as far as I see, not where PDF-files are shared) of the publically shared files. Otherwise, I believe, the installation will not be fully compliant with the GDPR, unlessed used for private purposses, depending on the case, as, according to my knowledge, both contact data and privacy declaration have to be linked from each single page (more or less) directly. The best would be to have thosse links in the header, I think.

It is not a problem to sync Joplin data to Nextcloud storage. Reading the files in Nextcloud is a problem (links to images do not work, file names are unusable).

Joplin would need to have its own web app for working with its data. The API from joplin-cli exists.

There was some effort in the past with a standalone web app prototype (requiring to run a joplin-cli once in a time in the background to take care about syncing), but hardly usable. Another approach was to run a desktop client in kind of virtual machine and share the desktop remotely via web app (ineffective).

AFAIK, there is not much effort to build the native web app by Joplin developers (be it part of Nextcloud or a separate one). Better to look at Obsidian notes or similar, although these have their own shortcommings (lack of real-time sync accross devices, conflict management, history management).


Similar to Discord, the ability to isolate groups/users/apps within the same server. So, you can sub-divide and segregate your cloud into:

  • Friend Group A
  • Friend Group B
  • Friend Group C
  • Family
  • Relationship between you and significant other
  • Personal no one else can access
  • etc.

Thanks for considering! Click the link up top for more info. Inspired by Discord. Cheers.

Delete button on Photos app. All my family is asking, why there is no delete button when they check their photos, and there is nothing i can answer them.


Just use groups and group shares.

This is a long story. Cannot find related issue at GitHub right now.

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The File Viewer (what opens up when you click on a photo in Files web app) has the Delete option in menu. “DEL” key does not work though.

The Photos web app does not offer Delete option in menu and “DEL” key does not work either.

Feel free to subscribe to the issues or even develop the missing feature :slight_smile:

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No, this is the viewer in Files. Photo app is a different thing. I use the delete action in Files many times, but it is not present from within “viewer” in Photos.

That’s exactly what I wrote. No argument here.

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Sorry, overread the line between linked issues. You are right.

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I am using PhotoPrism as addition to Nextcloud for that:


Option to enable/disable external storage

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Yes, i know about that. But for older people like my parents it is hard to search some photos using File Viewer. It i much easier to just see photos and delete some by click on delete/trash icon or anything directly.

Yes, and this is one of the missing features i would like to see in Nextcloud (this is place to inform about it, as title say).

Maybe i will ask my mom to develop it :wink: Quiet strange, that for so long people ask for that, and noone cares.

I must admit, that this is quiet hard solution for lacking one button. But maybe this is the best option. Maybe it would be better for Nextcloud development, to just remove Photos app, and use PhotoPrism as app. At least it would work as expected.

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Would love to see

A Wiki

For that, I’d invite you to check out Collectives! It’s Markdown with a visual/WYSIWYG editor, and it lets you link pretty easily between pages, in addition to external web links. Images and such can also be added.
It is limited to currently signed-in users, I believe. I’m not sure if there’s an option for making it publicly accessible, unless you share-link the pages one at a time from the Files app.

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PicoCMS. It might not be a fullblooded wiki, but it very easily transforms to one.