Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

@mlsxlist There is a Nextcloud Notes app… It would be great to attach notes to any file rather than just comments. Is that what you meant?

+1 for wiki!

I’m looking for a solution for my instances.
I need an app or any other solution for my costumers required to accept terms and conditions before use the cloud, and after them accept send to me a signed copy off them.

I’ve seen in another post how change the first run wizard, but I don’t want to change anything, because after this it’s possible to update and also I don’t have any copy of the accepted terms.

Any idea??
Thanks for all

What’s needed most urgently is rock solid no non-sense sync, preferably by using syncthing as the backend as discussed here:

I’ve installed and given up on ownCloud / Nextcloud multiple times simply because the sync let me down, let’s get this right first and then add more awesomeness on top of it :slight_smile:


+1 for the Syncthing integration as a possible back end, especially to have delta-sync

If it helps, I could increase the bounty or pay something to the developers / team directly to get this Syncthing integration going…


@GreenWater if it helps, I could increase the bounty or pay something to the developers / team directly to get this Syncthing integration going…

That might be what we have to do to move this forward.

@Nextcloudable What’s needed most urgently is rock solid no non-sense sync, preferably by using syncthing as the backend

Syncthing could also solve the massive desire for LAN Sync in Nextcloud.
This is also being actively discussed here on the Syncthing Discourse Forum.
Also discussed in this thread on Syncthing + Owncloud
Related threads found all over google or duckduckgo searches.

Syncthing can currently sync Nextcloud folders, but:

Here is my feature wishlist:

  • Hopefully adopt Syncthing as a fully supported method for Lan Sync between Nextcloud instances
  • Allow Nextcloud apps to communicate with Syncthing apps as p2p, such as between mobile devices. No server available, no problem!
  • Encourage Syncthing to adopt Nextcloud e2e encryption standard
  • Activity app picks up Syncthing changes natively
  • Nextcloud is able to track changes and additions of Syncthing files without lulls.
  • Total disk space and quota warnings in Nextcloud include Syncthing directories.

Integration is probably not that easy. Is it possible that the Nextcloud server can directly talk this syncthing protocol? It would have to be implemented in php, opening ports and such stuff is probably difficult…

Could Syncthing implement a webdav api and could be used via federated sharing?

Or you run a special client software of syncthing on the Nextcloud server that can directly talk to the Nextcloud server (push notifications, update database, …).

  • Integrated full text search

  • Integrated OnlyOffice or similar

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I need a calendar app with support for managing ressources like meeting rooms. That would be really cool.


Hi Devs,

Only two features i would really like:

1, A chat platform for Mobile and PC (like Talk with chat :wink: )
2, A doodle like plattform (hosted in own server) :smile:


For chat you could use ojsxc. It dosn’t actually need a XMPP server installed for it to work as it has it’s own inbuilt. Downside is it has no external connectivity, without a XMPP server so no mobile apps.

With the drawio app you can actually host the draw.io instance yourself it will just be missing a couple of components. I haven’t tried it myself but I agree a fully integrated option would be nicer. [ Realized you meant a doodle.com replacement, @alfred is correct the polls app is what you want ]

Yes, think so as well. And I very like your feature wishlist.

Any idea which a good bounty size would be to attract enough interest to get the Nextcloud-Syncthing integration going? There seems to be some interest among users on both sides, so maybe several people will chip in and we’ll reach that number.

And the work needed would be mainly on the Nextcloud side rather than on Syncthing’s, wouldn’t it?

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@just My posting was unclear. I was talking about the Android Nextcloud app.

You could try the Polls app: https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/polls


Bring back Google drive as external storage.


Wallabag integration would be extremely lovely.

As for the timesheet function, it might be interesting to extend that to a project timetracker in the style of Kimai. I have just been getting into Nextcloud Deck which I am somewhat in love with, trying to tame it to do what I wish. It would be great to log into the Nextcloud instance, enter the project overview, start the time tracker, switch to Decks to see what is necessary, switch to an editor to start working on things, and end the tracker when I am done. That would be a powertool for bureaucratic road warriors like myself.

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Extending the calendar app to resources would be great!

While I agree it would be nice… did you ever look into Joplin? You use the app to work, but it can use Nextcloud as a backend. It is not very pretty, but very efficient.

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Hi @alfred

Thank you for the hint it is what I wanted.

Working with a paperless home to sort documents, letters, bills and so on…

  1. OCR the PDF´s to make them searchable
  2. Easy tagging even in Android and windows client (now its only possible on Web).
  3. Easy sorting and naming files (maybe a pickup from OCR, so the OCR should be editable, if the scanning goes wrong or isn´t good enough)
  4. Automaticly sorting in directories from a pickup folder.
    More about this here:
    Paperless Home (Letters, Bills)

Would also like to see Wallabag features in the bookmark apps (with archive), because I like to read arcticles when I´m on the move and I want to archive already cooked receipts ( that I can see uncooked and cooked receipts :wink: )

Best regards :slight_smile:

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Sadly, I don’t think the developer of News is maintaining it any more. On the github page he says he’s looking for a new maintainer. This is definitely something I hope Nextcloud will provide some resources for.