Which is the best way to get a stable NextCloud LTS - long term support system?

Hello User,

we have Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 18.04.4 and Debian 10.

Which Linux i the best base to get a NextCloud LTS?



I would go with Ubuntu 18.04. There is abundant testing and documentation for it. Ubuntu 20.04 is very new.

Where can i find a installation guide for Ubuntu 18.04.4 without ppa or other critical plugins?

I want only use the ubuntu 18.04.4 and nextcloud sourcen.


In this manual we use php7.2.


PHP Runtime

  • 7.2
  • 7.3 ( recommended )
  • 7.4 ( recommended )

I wrote a guide myself for Ubuntu 18.04 and Docker.

There are plenty of others around if you prefer a different method. If you want stable, Docker is a good way to go because you have exact version control, and the image includes a set of tested and known-good libraries to satisfy all of its own dependencies. It makes the host OS less of a variable.

Can i use Nextcloud 18.04 with an only IPv6 supportet server?

I would assume so, but I can’t say for sure.

see this problem:


I followed this guide a few times and it worked very well

Ubuntu 20.04LTS is more future proof; but might not be quite ready for prime time

Consider separating the user data folder from the rest of the system…

Do all clients use IPv6 ?

Hello, the webserver did have only IPv6 support,

The client’s can use IPv4 or IPv6.