Where to find the logs?

I’m running nc28.0.0 on an Debian Bookworm. Webserver is Nginx 1.22.1.
Have some problems since updating. But to find out more, I want to look at the logs.

If I go to the settings page, ther is shown this:

Es gibt einige Warnungen bei deiner Systemkonfiguration.
21 errors in the logs since 13. Dezember 2023

But where can I find the logs to look at the warnings?


Hell ,

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it always good ide to start reading official docs:


usually you find the logs where you find this warning. but unfortunately there is an issue with nc28

you can look at the nextcloud.log in the data folder of your server.

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Yes, sorry. I forgot to write, that I already searched for the logs where ever I thought to find.
There is no logfile in /var/www/html/nextcloud/dtata/. A folder /var/log/nextcloud/ does not exist.

But, when NC list 21 warnings since 13. of December, there need to be a logfile.


  • usually it is named nextcloud.log
  • the files usually lives in you data directory
  • search the place where you installed Nextcloud for this file… likely you find it.
  • read the docs I provided you find how the log is configured…

Oh, wonderful, thank you!

I couldn’t find it the log anywhere. I’m on FreeBSD, so I searched the standard places (/var/log/) and I even found a /var/log/nextcloud/ directory, but it was empty.

I searched /usr/local/www/nextcloud/config and lib and dist and resources, but I didn’t think to check data. I assumed data was where my data was! Why would anybody mix application logs and user data?!?! (Oh, a linux dev probably would.)

The update to Nextcloud 28 caused a lot of logging. I had a few apps that didn’t like the change, and spewed hundreds of errors every minute (bookmarks being the biggest offender).

I had 196MB of logs (108MB log.1 and an 88MB active log). No wonder Nextcloud kept throwing an error “Could not load log entries”. It was all too much for it.

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