Where to find “NextCloud Office” app in Docker server installation?

Hi all,

looking to run NextCloud on a small Debian Linux server, enabling online document editing with “Nextcloud Office”.

I went through a lot of back and forth to get nextcloud, postgres and collabora/code images running in separate Docker containers on the server, behind a reverse proxy. They seem to be running fine individually. Now I would like to connect NextCloud with Office.

I thought I would find relevant configuration in NextCloud “Settings”, but I did not. A video on Youtube showed to use “Nextcloud Office”, which can be found in “Apps”.

My challenge is, that in my current NextCloud 24.0.5 there is no “Nextcloud Office” in “Apps”. The NextCloud Office page has no further infos, Collabora Installation through Docker also mentions no details.

How can I use “Nextcloud Office” in a simple separate container Docker installation?

This is the strangest thing. When freshly installed with the latest Docker image, in “Apps” → “Office & text” there is no “NextCloud Office”, only “Collabora Online”.

After this is installed, “Collabora Online” will be automatically renamed to “Nextcloud Office”. WTF?

Now there is a new section “Office” in NextCloud “Settings”.

Keep in mind that Office is an integration, not an actual part of the Nextcloud code.

Here is an example setup with Docker. This was for an older version but should get you on the right track.

My problem was just the NextCloud configuration in the GUI.

There is no “NextCloud Office” app as you would expect and no “Office” in settings. I had to install “Collabora Online” app, which was then automagically renamed to “NextCloud Office”, only then “Office” showed up in settings.

But this is not documented - and makes no sense to me :wink:

I set up NextCloud and NextCloud Office with Traefik and Let’s Encrypt in Docker Swarm.