Where are stored contacts and calendar data?


On my nextcloud instance I have files, contact, task and calendar. I have migrated the data on an external storage to get more space.
My server crashed and I am currently restoring the application. But I have some troubles. I succed in reach my files from nextcloud, but I have no contact, tasks and calendar data…
Can you say me where I can find these data and restore it ?


all this data is stored in the database (sqlite, mysql or postgres)… you should backup your system on regular basis to avoid data loss…

I have no backup. I have my old server with all files. It is not possible to simply “copy paste” the database on my new server ?

please don`t do this!

but you might be lucky!

in general databases are pretty solid and build with data safety in mind… often recovery is possible… please look for the recovery/emergency migration procedure of the database you used.

calcardbackup is able to export addressbooks/calendars from the database of a broken instance.

Very interesting ! Thanks

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