We're Making a Forms app

Will keep this in mind. It should work on mobile

Hi, how about the progression of the project? :slight_smile:

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Hi Affan, i’m interest in this app too, how it’s going ?

Hi @affan98 is this your app?

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i think it really is since the inital commit for this app is signed by the same nick

Just want to thank those involved in the app.

really great & helps to emancipate from Goole Calc.

I would like to see a upload function with the survey structure some day…

But first again big thanks!

Excuse my lack of communication but yes, that is our app. I’m glad that you all like it


I was just wondering, will you continue developing this app past the project? Or do you maybe recommend it being forked for further development?

This app really has potential to be something some nextcloud users might appreciate a lot after getting a bit more functionality.


It’s probably better to fork for further development. Many of us have just graduated and are starting/have started new jobs. Finding time to work on this project will be unlikely


Though that’s unfortunate, why not considering to transfer the repository to someone who can manage it, such as jancborchardt, who left comments there and is a member of https://github.com/nextcloud, if he is willing to do so?


I’d love to see this app expand. This component will work well with Workflow/file access.

I’d also like to see an upload attachment function and perhaps even a capture photo from phone capability. I’m looking to fulfill a use case that will allow uploading receipts of purchases to our finance department.

Big thanks for creating the app.


Maybee you can use scanbot + nextcloud to upload receipts of purchases to your finance department

hi, i’m curious about the state of this Forms app. In my opinion it does really have potention. First of all it can be very useful for a company and second it’s a functionality what is also available on Office365 and GSuite.

Hi there, love the forms app option - does anyone know if there is away to give access to someone else for the collated responses at all? or are they always private…thank you!

Hi all,
Am planning to use this app in my private instance.
Before that I want to understand, that basing Yes or No can I take it to another question in forms?
If yes, please let me know how could I do?
If no, look at this option as feature request.

For whoever is not aware of it, I am posting some information that can be useful.

The Forms app was realized from the main developers of Nextcloud.
You can find it here:

and the Github repository is the best place for the feature requests.

It also exists a really good Polls app. Again, the Github repository is the right place for feature requests:

Is the csv file only created when uploaded ?

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All done and finished last year