Webdav with next cloud 12


I have some problems using webdav with nextcloud 12. Webdav is working without problems with the following clients:

macOS owncloud client (version 2.3.1)
iOS next cloud client (version 2.17.3)
windows 10
transmit (version 4.4.12) and a few other clients.

But I am not able to use webdav with

macOS finder (macOS 10.12.5)
transmit for iOS (version 1.3.6)
forklift for macOS (version 3.0.5)

These three clients shows a “HTTP Request failed: (401) unauthorized” failure. I double checked the configuration, the log files of next cloud or nginx, but I did not find any hint to solve the problem. With next cloud 11 everything works fine.


Hey i have the same problem with archlinux and the gnome callendar, i can sync the cloud with the nextcloud client on my smartphone and my archlinux and on my smartphone syncing the calendar works, but on my laptop i get a big nope, adding the /remote.php/dav/ after the server name as the callendar suggests, it cannot find the WebDav endpoint, maybe for you it works by adding /remote.php/dav/principals/users/USERNAME/ after the server?

did you try creating a new user? that did it for me, i don’t know what’s wrong with my current user though :confused:


creating a new user did not solve the problem. The new user is although not able to use webdav with the clients mentioned above.

Greetings Daniel

Which webserver are you using? Update between NC 11 and NC 12 should normally not break this, any ideas @LukasReschke @nickvergessen

Try NC12 Authentication issue with Cardav, Caldav and Sogo connector


this solved my problem. Now I can login with every client. Thanx.


it would be good to tell us how you solved your issue. This might help others that find your thread in future in case they have similar issues.


as mentioned in the post above, I commented out the following lines:



and file:



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