Web Interface forcing logout after upgrade to 28.0.5

Same problem here, on three different Nextclouds working on 29.0

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Please see above and try the PR

Patch seems to have helped me as well so far. Noticed the session logouts happening almost immediately after updating to 28.05 from 28.04

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I managed to replace my file with the PR file, and so far it seems stable. I was hit with the logout multiple times this AM prior to the PR, but hoping this clears the issue.

Many thanks to @SysKeeper for pointing out the PR in the first place. Hopefully that will solve it for other people experiencing the issue as well.

For me it is working at the moment in NC 29 :clap:

I hand-modified the files for NC28 and NC29 based on the patches listed above. Things are working great (like normal) for the past day or so. :smile:

We experienced the logout problem too after the update from 28.0.4 to 28.0.5.
After reading a lot of articles I restored a backup version of 28.0.4 of
lib/private/Authentication/Token/PublicKeyTokenProvider.php file. Downside is that php occ integrity:check-core is raising a problem with this file, Right now I have no solution for that.

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