Vote for Nextcloud as the best alternative to Dropbox!


Just my 2 cents to a slightly dated thread but it is a little frustrating when I send an upload link to a friend to drop a file on my NC but they can only perform the upload from a workstation or laptop and not their hand held device/ipad, etc… Until this kink is worked out, NC can’t really rise to “contender”. Be that as it may, NC serves many purposes that that have transformed my computing life and for that I am grateful.


Could you be a little more specific… are you assigning a filedrop folder and sharing the url with others? I’ve found that works fine on mobile.


Hi, sorry for my delayed response. I first create a folder to where files can be dropped. I check the “share link” box and then I check the “File drop (upload only)” option. I tested this by sharing the associated link, but the recipient could only upload “real-time” photos, videos or recordings (as they were taken) but not preexisting files already on the device. Again, this only seems to be an issue on mobile type devices. Hope this makes sense.


UPDATE: This seems to be working. The person with whom I was sharing the link was having an issue with a corrupt OS on their phone. I have since tried with others and was successful. Marking this closed.


Well - seems like our beloved Nextcloud just got the “Ritterschlag” today


Even greater times coming up for all of us, as each improvement for the bundescloud will be a win for all.


I wouldn’t bet on that. :wink:


I’ll bet some Siacoins on it :wink:


Why not? That’s a big part of how Nextcloud works, actually. It does of course depend on what they want. Some improvements might be needed to integrate in their infrastructure, not sure if many people would benefit but we’d upstream it if it makes sense of course. That goes for other features, too, and the deal includes a lot of consulting/coding work so I’m sure there will be quite some things that benefit all Nextcloud users.

That is similar to other customers - we usually don’t tell people but, for example, showing the storage quota in the files app was done for a customer and we thought it made sense for everybody. The Circles app was entirely developed for a customer and the same goes for PicoCMS!

We frequently say this: customers have a lot of influence on our development. That is what they pay for :wink: and that is what makes Nextcloud possible in the first place.

And yes, voting for Nextcloud in places like or the storage-insider award is helpful, too. It might not pay for our engineers but it does help us perhaps get customers. And you help other users find out about the awesomeness of Nextcloud!