VM with Nextcloud+proxy with Collabora behind second VM with apache proxy


I am working with a Nextcloud-Hyper-V-VM on which is Collabora running in a docker container and where an apache proxy is installed. It uses port 9980 which is opened in my router for public access. Now I set up a second VM with Ubuntu 21 server and installed apache2 and configured it as a second reverse proxy, lets call it the “main proxy”. The goal is that NC and Collabora are both running behind the “main proxy” by port 443 (https). Although this works with NC, it fails with Collabora, because of a “file not found error - please try again later” when I try to open an office document in NC.

Using a wildcard SSL certificate in the VHOST-config of the main proxy avoids the error message, but then there is a loop and the office documents are still not openend.

So which steps are to do in order to get this working? Maybe there is a link with a tutorial?

I set up a VHOST-file only for the Nextcloud-Server with Internal IP and port 80 at the main proxy.
Is a second VHOST-file for Collabora at the main proxy needed, if so, which ports are needed?

Many thanks

Looks like port 9980 is what you’ll need.
If you want to see an example setup, this thread has full configurations and lots you can learn from.
There’s also this article that has an example Apache reverse proxy config, though the rest is geared toward Docker.


thanks for your help.

After a lot of research and tests I found out that in my case I had to activate the ws tunnel mod in apache2 by

a2enmod proxy_wstunnel
systemctl restart apache2

Now it works. :grinning:

Is there also a “wstunnel” option in NGINX proxy manager available? I dont found such an option but there is also a config scripting window in the “advanced” area of every added proxy host and maybe a wstunnel-CMDlet is possible?