Violates local access rules in Talk 9

Hello Guys,

I have set up a server for talk 9 the high-performance back-end.
I have set up spreed signaling + nats+janus+turn in one server and every service connect with successfully each other and the second server I have set up nexcloud19 with talk 9 but when i am going to insert the signaling server URL nextcloud 19 talk 9 module setting then I m getting below error from nextcloud logs:-

Host X.X.X.X was not connected to because it violates local access rules.

can you help me what is the problem with.


Hi brijesh007,

i had the same problem.
In my case it was a certificate problem - it only works if
a) all certificates (whether self-signed or official) are trusted by all servers
b) all certificate chains are trusted by all servers

In my case there was a missing root-ca on my HPB server…

You can check the certificates on linux with curl.


So let me put the warning in front:
It is not recommended to run the Talk, the HPB and coturn all on the same maschine.
They all should be available on port 443 to reduce connection issues with users sitting in firewalled enviroments.

To prevent the local access rules issue you temporarily need to set this config to true:

Thank you @nickvergessen @michi now my setup is working fine and talk 9 scaling is working fine.

Thank you for your support.