Video/audio hardware for small conference rooms

We plan small conferences with up to 10 participants in a conference room and about 5 participants via online connection. A first attempt with a laptop as hardware in the conference room worked, but brought a bad result because the camera and speakers in the laptop were not sufficient.
For the big suppliers (Zoom, MS Teams, …) integrated hardware solutions are offered, which support video conferences intelligently (e.g. Poly Studio x30).

Are there any recommendations which hardware components work together with Nextcloud Talk as simply and elegantly as possible?

Regards, Friedbert

I know that one customer uses Citrix. But I guess anything that offers a camera and audio device to the browser should work fine.

Just use external microphone and external speakers to increase speech quolity, then simple laptop can still do the job. E.g. Jabra Speak 510 MS or any other.

I have the same question, hardware for ~10 people in a room.

I would like to optimize our current setup:

The Jabra Speak is not suitable for us. We want something that is installed permanently (the Jabra needs to be placed on table and is not secured), and we cannot mount the mic(s) to the conference table, it needs to be mounted to the ceiling above the conference table or to the wall above the projection screen. I am thinking about something like this? but I would need an external sound card because it has an XLR plug?!

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Also, we want no sound feedback (related forum post Hearing own voice - feedback filtered in Talk/OS/Hardware/...?)