Use Tech and Me's VM as the official nextCloud VM?

Never install packages from distros. Use their LAMP stack if you must and manually install and update NC. You’ll have better results imho.

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Also, with things like Snaps and Flatpaks, there may some good solutions coming your way if a VM requires too much maintenance.

@xandcg The VM will contain a built in script to easily update the VM itself (dependencies, OS and such) and Nextcloud through the built in CLI. I have used that method myself for the past 3 years with ownCloud and the script is based on how I would want an update to happen. With that said, the user isn’t forced to update, nor will the user have to use the built in script. If there are methods provided by Nextcloud that are better than using the script, well feel free to update your VM the way you want to. The updates will follow the releases of Nextcloud.

@oparoz The VM isn’t that hard to maintain at this stage. I built it so that the only thing I need to do is to change version number, package it and upload it. Though I’m also eager to see what will come in the future with regards to Snaps and such.

@enoch85 I think the VM is fine in its current state, but I meant maintaining the VM itself as an end-user. It requires knowing about Linux when things go wrong.

@oparoz I get your point, though I tried to make it as easy as possible - that’s why I created the update script. The only thing you need to do really is keep the system updated imo.

Did you have something else in mind?

No, no, you’ve made it very simple to manage and I wouldn’t even look at supporting more OS before having all the documentation set up and a team to manage the extra OS. A solid VM is better than 10 abandonware ones.
The problem with classic VMs is always the same though. Package update breaks Nextcloud, user can’t fix it himself. Maybe there should be a disclaimer. Managing a VM requires some level of Linux understanding without it, it’s best to look at hosted solutions.