Upload file to shared folder using wget

I created a shared folder with the settings upload only.

I want to upload files to this shared folder via wget.

I tried the following command without success:

wget --header=“Content-type: multipart/form-data boundary=FILEUPLOAD” --post-file filetoupload https://[server]/index.php/s/[share-ID]

Any ideas

wget - is used to fetch data from a server.
wput - is used to send data to a server.

If you stick to wget, you can use the --method=PUT option, or use wput or curl instead:

Sorry but this doesn’t help

Even switching to curl only produces 405 Errors. It seems I need some option. Maybe a header field. I’m no web server expert so I need a working example

But you’re able to use the search function of this forum, aren’t you? :wink:

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It did work for me. Thanks