Upgrading from 12.0.1 to 22.2.3!

Hi all,

I’ve been using nextcloud for some time and it’s time to upgrade to the latest version.

I’m currently running 12.0.1 and would like to upgrade to 22.2.3. The documentation indicates that I have to iterate through all major releases from 13 to 22! (ouch!)

I attempted to do a web-based update to 13.0.1, but nothing seemed to happen.

Other documents made mention of a nc-autoupdate-nc utility that will do the update for me, but I can’t find that tool.

So, it sounds like I have to:

  • Make backup
  • Download nextcloud into new directory
  • Repoint Apache to new installation
  • Restart Apache
  • Login
  • Some as-yet unknown incantation
  • Rinse and repeat until I get to version 22.x

Is there a shorter path? Are there any gotcha’s I need to be aware of?

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I would do a fresh install and import the data.

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Yup, and you have to upgrade PHP in between as well.

It’s a looong process.

An easy way forward is to use the built in updater. There are services as well, if you like to have it done by professionals:

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Part of the reason I want to upgrade, aside from running an ancient version that lacks some of the newer features, is that I am hoping to move to a new and also upgraded machine. So the php version should be ok.

Is there a guide as to how to export and re-import all of my data? I have a lot of stuff in my calendar, contacts and files…

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You can take a look at @riegerCLOUD Webside and the provided script an documentation on backup/restore

Reimporting contacts and calendars might be complicated if you only have a database backup. So you might want to have a look at calcardbackup for exporting contacts and calendars.

So, it looks like I can backup my contacts and calendar. But if I simply copy my files from the old server to the new one, what will I have to do to get nextcloud to recognize my files?


You need to rescan the filesystem:

Thank you! It looks like I’ll be able to do all of this over a weekend.

Thanks again,


But it will need to resync all files between client and server. Even if the files are there on both sides…

Yes. And if someone use the desktop client it is sometimes better to use the nextcloud client for moving to another (newer) nextcloud server.

If you have only one user perhaps watch this video.