Updating MAX UPLOAD SIZE (PHP) via Docker-compose?

Hi all,

So I am setting up Nextcloud using the official Docker image having it fetch “nextcloud:latest”. The thing is, I want to edit the max file size PHP allows to 10 GB and have a larger timeout time.

How can i do that? This is (part) of my docker-compose.yml: https://pastebin.com/yz1A32hY

What environment variables would i need to pass?

Also a small question: Will nextcloud update to the latest version every time I do “docker-compose up -d”? (assuming there is a new version)

Lastly, is there documentation of what environment variables I can pass in docker-compose?

well. it’s ansible and not docker-compose. but i guess you can get the answer to your question anyhow.

you create the config files you want to customize

and copy/map them into the container

not sure if you have to stop and remove the old container. but yes that’s the way you run an update. the update is performed by the entrypoint skript.

you mean env vars to pass into the docker container?

that should be in the readme

or in the entrypoint skripts of the container.